Tir'ay masters

From left to right: Su'jhar, Ana'thelin, Imaijir, and Ellisin'lae

According to Tei'kaliath history, the Tir'ay Masters were four dark elf warriors who invented and perfected the martial form of tir'ay as it is known today. Each warrior was also responsible for creating one of the four modern schools of tir'ay: Hard, Soft, Balanced, and Performance. Each master has long since passed away, although the martial art they founded is still practiced amongst the Tei'kaliath to this day and many strive to reach a level of skill equal to them.

The Four MastersEdit

  • Su'jhar (First Tir'ay master. Formalized the Hard form)
  • Ana'thelin (Formalized the Soft form)
  • Ellisin'lae (Formalized the the Balanced form)
  • Imaijir (Formalized the Performance form)
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