Owner Omb'reh
Number of Members 9

Ombr'eh, Xenon, Odd'anna, Brorn (deceased), Boon (deceased), Daenerys (deceased), Minalia, Janike, Ral, Vitus, Timotheus, Nacht'ling, Dycle, San'dellora, Ash'arion, Nepu, Prishe, Spar'kel, Jun'an

Family InfoEdit

Our awesome story-ish:

One day Xenon and her mate Ombreh were sitting somewhere enjoying the view of There’avere.

“You know” Said Xenon “We’re like a family now, you and me.”

“…yeah…” Said Ombreh

“Well I was thinking: why don’t we start a family?”

“w-WHAT?” Exclaimed Ponch hastily sitting up.

“Yeah, I’m sure people would like to join our colorful family” Xenon said looking in to the glowy crystals a bit far away. “and we…we’ll call it Tolo…the family of colors…”

“ crazy? If that’s our motto…um…we…we’d be foolish…maybe…”

“Ah you’re a genius Ponchy!” Xenon exclaimed as she hugged ponch round his shoulders “Our motto will be ‘The fools grasp is past the veil of sanity’ EHEH! What do you think?”

“wow…now they’ll really think we’re crazy…”

Xenon smiled happily and said “I love ya” and kissed Ponch.

And that is the story of how the Tolo’s came to be.

Ombr'eh's Note: This is not exactly how it actually happened, but I do not care enough to argue with Xenon about the clarity of her memories. I'll go nap under a rock now.


To be awesome!

To have COLOR and JOY!




Most of Our current members and a bit of their history:

Xenon: Bright and cheerful Xenon was the daughter of a textile maker and a martial artist, both professions which she mastered to a certain extent. She is also a great dancer.

Ombr'eh: Dark and a bit reclusive, Ombr'eh was once a farming slave. Beneath his dark exterior, he is a bright jewel that seeks the light. Ombr'eh's Note: I have no idea what Xenon means with that last line. Sunlight Sucks.

Odd'anna: Hyper and loyal, Odd’anna dose not remember her past, but she tries hard to have a bright future. She bakes cakes (which she pronounces ceaks) and sings in her spare time.

Brorn: Intelligent and cool, Brorn was the baby of his family, but don’t let that or his usually drunk ass fool you, cause beneath that smug looking face is a guy who can outwit ya in nearly any situation, that is of course if he feels like it.

Vitus: A Chel'el'Sussoloth drowussu emigrant to Ama'varde with some chemical crafting and trade past.

Minalia: Deranged and hyper creative yet very patient, daughter of a house that was destroyed shortly before the fall of Shifayesindil. A total hedonist and debauched soul that would make a Sullisin'rune blush in envy.

Dycle: A Eapathic Mana Specialist who is outspoken in polotics though misunderstood in alot of what he does.  Has a Ssu like devotion to the practicality of Lath ideals yet tries to improve and define the Ama'vardian self-identity like a Ssu would.