Apple Tree
First Seen On Chapter 1, Day 59 Page 2
Status Domesticated
Threat Level Timid

Physical DescriptionEdit

A dense body covered in a brown external layer called bark. Topped with tendrils known as branches which grow green, thin structures known as leaves.

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

Trees live anywhere there is enough sun light, water and soil to support them and the climate does not rest at extreme cold for long periods of time.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit


Sen'gil has spent many seasons hunting this elusive creature and harvesting its remains.

Immobile and nonreactive even to organism consuming or harming them. Trees are valued for their wood content. Harvested freely.

Notable SpecimensEdit

It is unexplained how the Nal'Sarkoth managed to grow them in the Underworld. Admin Note: Very funny, Laserkid.

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