A Beldrobbaen drider.

One of the nine great clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth as well as one of the oldest. At one point a Beldrobbaen warrior discovered that a group of Tei'kaliath healers had opened up a small portable clinic on Beldgrobbaen land and demanded that they pay tribute in form of a percentage of their earnings for the day. Beyond that, the Tei'kaliath did not interact much with this clan.

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Notable MembersEdit

  • Waes'soloth (Ill'haress)

Relations to Other ClansEdit


The Beldrobbaen have a standing military alliance with the Sharen and will send troops to aide them during times of war.


Due to their alliance with the Sharen, the Beldrobbaen are enemies of the Sarghress and vice versa.


In general the Beldrobbaen and the Tei'kaliath were neutral towards each other, with the latter only coming to the former to negotiate to work in their district.

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