A Warden and her Blade from an Unknown Order

One of the nine great clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth. Not much is known to the Tei'kaliath about the Kyorl'solenurn except their devotion to a goddess called Sharess, their intolerance of the tainted and that they are composed of mostly Drowussu, though they have been seen to have a few Drowussu/Drowolath Halfbreeds. The Tei'kaliath's relationship with them was brief and cordial; they inspected Sasunra for tainted and informed the Tei'kaliat] that they would return in a moon turn (Ther'avare fell to the Black Suns before they could return.)

Later when the settlers at Sasunra were asked about their feelings towards the Kyrol'solenurn, it was discovered that opinions were polarized. Some of the commoners welcomed the Kyrol'solenurn's aide with open arms while others, in particular those of mixed blood, feared them for their history of purging those who they deemed "impure."

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Notable MembersEdit

  • Shimi'lande, (Ill'haress).

Relations With Other ClansEdit


The Kyrol'solenurn recognize Diva'ratrika as empress of Chel'el'Sussoloth, but otherwise are at odds with Sharen due to their policy of clan wide demonic tainting.



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