Salan'dara, heir to the Ill'haress of Sullsin'rune and ambassador of the clan.

The Sullisin'rune are one nine great clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth and one the oldest next to the Sharen. The Tei'kaliath's intial contact with this clan was immidiately following the clan gathering of 1098 (Moonless Age calender) when Ka'Taliyn and Ambassador Bel'xullyn sought out the Sullisin'rune representative concerning an offer made to all clans about a celebration known as the Moons End festival. The Sullisin'rune ambassador informed the Tei'kaliath that the Moons End festival was a week long event held at the end of the year by all of Chel'el'sussoloth. Since many clans had recently proved unwilling to open their doors to the populace and participate in the celebration, the Sullisin'rune offered to fund the festivities for any clan willing to partake. In exchange a Sullisin'rune representative would be assigned to each clan until the end of festival in order to oversee any spending of said funds. Wanting to better their relations with the people of Chel, the Tei'kaliath accepted and opened Ther'avare's gates for any who wanted to celebrate.

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Notable MembersEdit

  • Ash'waren (Ill'haress)
  • Salan'dara (Ambassador)

Relations to Other ClansEdit


The Sullisin'rune and the Sharen have been in conflict with each other centuries, and once the Sullisin'rune vied with the Sharen over control of Chel'el'Sussoloth. The Sullisin'rune were ultimately defeated and most of their ruling family, with the exception of Ash'waren, were killed. The Sullisin'rune have never forgiven the Sharen for this humilation and work to see them overthrown.


The Sarghress and the Sullisin'rune are strongly allied with each other, connected by their shared desire to see the Sharen fall.


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