Vei visa battle

The battle against the Vei'Visa

The Vei'Visa battle was an event that took place on Day 41, in which the Tei'kaliath fought against the Vei'Visa in the streets of Chel'el'Sussoloth.

A double of the Svart'elos Illhar Rhinn'elos was sent out in a carriage as bait, and when the Vei'Visa attacked the Tei'kaliath arrived to spring the ambush. The double was killed, and the Tei'kaliath used hostages to force the remaining forces to back down. The battle ended in a victory for the Tei'kaliath, though most warriors had been injured during the battle and required medical care.

During the fight two Siksa'Santi warriors, Cerise and her father, were seen targeting the Tei'kaliath with a crossbow, and took down two Tei'kaliath warriors. Kitab was able to flank the warrior and distract him long enough for several arrows to hit him, at which point Cerise fled with him, and though the scouts gave chase she eluded them.

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