Xenon PtP3
Activity Active
Age 45
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family Totolo
Mates Ombr'eh
Children Nepu (son)

Character InfoEdit

Xenon originally served as a miner before becoming the second clan Ambassador. Xenon was somewhat as ambassadors go as she actively took part in battles, often using her personal mana shield to protect key members of the clan. She ceased to be ambassador when the ranked positions were dissolved towards the end of Path to Power 1.

Xenon moved up to the surface with the rest of the clan during Path to Power 2 and helped establish the colony, but eventually left the clan for a time to work for the Nal'Sarkoth as a relic hunter.  Years later she returned to her native clan on the surface and volunteered to join the airship expedition.

Physical DescriptionEdit



Path to Power 1

  • (Day 54, 6/5/09) - EA panel five: In comic debut. Joins the miners.

Path to Power 3

  • (SearchForNorthAirport4, 5/10/13) - EA panel six: Return and first appearance in Path to Power 3.

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Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Xenon's parents owned a Clothing and Textiles business in the old city from which the clan came from through the exodus. While the survivors are the strongest and the healthiest, Xenon's heart carries one of life's biggest wound: complete loss. As everyone made the pilgramage through the Exodus, Xenon's parents fell further and further behind, until the family of three were at risk of being left behind completely. Xenon's parents urged her strongly to remain with the group, reassuring her that they would catch up after some rest. Xenon did not want to leave, but after promises, hugs and kisses, She followed her parent's wishes, thinking she was going to see them again. Once the Ilharess of the Teikalath clan announced their arrival in the strange new city, and after a month of waiting, xenon knew her parents were not coming after all.

So now Xenon is trying to heal her heart, and forget her loss by using all of her mind and body to help erect a stronger clan, to which she can promise her own children someday that they will never be seperated, or put to suffering. She wants to re-open the family business, and name it after her parents. But her dreams can only come true when The clan is strong, and for that, you will find a very determined young drowalath

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